Dr. Deanna Davis

C.Psych. (Supervised Practice)

Dr. Deanna Davis graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Science and Psychopathology at Western University, and completed her Clinical Residency at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Care Centre…

Her doctoral research explored the assessment of impostor phenomenon and its relation to psychological distress and occupational functioning. Additionally, she is actively involved in research examining the intersection between psychological trauma and well-being, including factors impacting mental health outcomes and health care access for those experiencing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees at Carleton University.

Dr. Davis approaches treatment from an integrative and collaborative perspective. She is driven by her commitment to supporting clients in working towards meaningful change and personal growth, and seeks to meet the unique and individual needs of her patients by developing a warm, trusting, and person-centred therapeutic environment where patients feel welcomed and understood. She is consistently inspired by individuals’ strength and resilience in overcoming their personal challenges.

Dr. Davis’ clinical experiences include conducting assessments and providing treatment for diverse populations with individuals experiencing a wide range of presenting concerns, including: posttraumatic stress and trauma-related disorders, complex and developmental trauma, psychosis and dissociative disorders, substance use, health, personality disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, gender dysphoria, chronic pain and couples therapy. Dr. Davis has extensive experience in working from cognitive behavioural (CBT), cognitive processing (CPT) and prolonged exposure (PE), dialectical behavioural (DBT), and acceptance and commitment (ACT) approaches.

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