The Centre for Cognitive Therapy provides cognitive therapy services using a variety of modern strategies.  In recent years, a number of approaches to cognitive therapy have emerged.   Therapists at the CCT employ many strategies from these modern therapies including acceptance, mindfulness, CBT-E, CBT-I, the focus on meta-cognitions, positive psychology, and others.  A full administration service is available and water, tea and coffee are available to clients at every appointment.

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Cognitive Therapy

Both clinical research and basic research in cognitive science indicate that Cognitive Therapy is the most supported form of treatment for a variety of human problems. For depression, anxiety and eating disorders, cognitive therapy has been found to out perform medication.

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Eating Disorders

The first Eating Disorder Clinic in Ottawa was founded by Drs. Arthur Blouin, Jane Blouin and psychiatrist Dr. Jane Barlow. They have continued to provide specialized multi-disciplinary services for all forms of eating disorders since 1984.

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Anxiety & Stress

Dr. Jane Blouin is a known innovator in programs for Anxiety and Stress, having founded the Stress Management Clinic in Ottawa during the 1980’s. Today modern innovations include the use of Mindfulness Meditation, Acceptance based programs and the focus on Meta-cognitions.

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Depression Clinic

Cognitive Therapy for depression has been found to be as effective as medication without side effects. Modern individualized treatment is aimed at the underlying roots of depression. It also goes beyond alleviating symptoms to helping people thrive with Positive Psychology.

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Personality & PTSD Clinic

Many individuals find themselves in persistent patterns that may lead to difficulties in relationships, career or other life adaptations. At the Centre for Cognitive Therapy, the focus is on identifying the roots of those patterns and overcoming the obstacles for change.

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