Matching Clients to the Best Clinical Team

At the CCT, clients are matched with clinical teams that include a Psychologist licensed by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, along with one or two Psychotherapists licensed by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Psychologists hold a doctorate in clinical Psychology and have undergone several years of post-doctoral training, while Psychotherapists possess a Master’s degree and have completed at least one year of post-degree training.

Online Assessment

When a client expresses interest in receiving services from the CCT, they are asked to complete a series of brief online questionnaires. These questionnaires are designed to evaluate the client’s clinical objectives and determine the therapist characteristics that would best suit their needs. Based on the responses, clients will be assigned to the Clinical Team that is considered the most appropriate match.

Your Clinical Team

When a client first joins our team, they will meet with the Psychologist who will be their Service Provider. The Psychologist is licensed to diagnose and communicate the diagnosis to the client. Together, the client and the Psychologist will create an initial treatment plan. During this first meeting, they will also discuss whether the Psychologist or the Psychotherapist will execute the treatment plan. The decision will depend on various factors such as the client’s preferences and the Psychologist’s opinion on which therapist characteristics would be the best fit for the client. These characteristics can include the therapist’s personality, demographic profile, availability, and experience in helping clients achieve their therapy goals.

First Session with Your Therapist

The first session with your therapist is the start of your treatment. During this session, your therapist will aim to understand you, your objectives, and the issues you will address together. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your therapist and establish a connection. At the beginning of therapy, your therapist will explain the approach that we take at the CCT, including teaching you the Cognitive Model that we use. Furthermore, there are several resources available at the CCT to support your therapy, and your therapist will make the appropriate resources available to you.

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