Therapist Matching

Therapy is individualized. New clients are individually matched to one of 7 therapists with varied expertise. Therapists work collaboratively, as a team, with clients.

Initial Assessment

At the first interview, you will fill out a short group of assessment questionnaires. The first interview will focus on determining which therapist is the best for you.

First Session with Your Therapist

The first meeting with your therapist is the beginning of treatment. Your therapist will work to understand you, your goals, and the problems to be treated.


In many cases, treatment is not the goal, but clients may be seeking advice on optimal strategies for parenting, relationships, family issues, career, or many other topics.

What is Cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive Therapy is uniquely based on basic science in how the mind works. These principles are used in an applied setting and many controlled trials have found it effective.


Individual therapy sessions are most common. Sessions may be 30 minutes or one hour in duration. Although variable, many problems are addressed in 5 to 20 sessions.

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