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The Ottawa Centre for Cognitive Therapy provides cognitive therapy for Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Relationship concerns, Personality issues, as well as many specific issues as reviewed in the Research section of the website.

The Directors of the Centre for Cognitive Therapy are Dr. Arthur Blouin and Dr. Jane Blouin.  They have extensive experience in developing innovative clinical programs over many years in hospital settings, as well as at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy for the past 25+ years.  They have also been very active over their career in teaching and research as well as many community volunteer contributions. 

They have assembled an outstanding group of therapists; mixing experienced clinicians who have been with the team for many years, with others who have more recently completed their doctoral training.  Clients are assessed and interviewed by a senior Psychologist who assigns clients to one of a number of therapists at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy. This process is designed to optimally match clients with the therapist that will be most helpful based on a number of factors, including the therapist’s expertise, training, and personal style.  This is an important factor in therapy outcome and really improves the likelihood that the client will be successful in therapy.

Our Psychologists

Our Psychologists are registered with the Ontario College of Psychologists, which maintains extremely rigorous standards of practice. They have all completed PhDs and are strong advocates of using evidence-based approaches to therapy. This is primarily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but incorporates many elements of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Metacognitive Therapy.

Our psychologists provide initial assessments of all new clients, and closely supervise our psychotherapists, in addition to seeing their own clients. They maintain an active involvement in continuing education by staying abreast of current research and evidence-based clinical developments in the field of psychology.

Our Psychotherapists

Our Psychotherapists are registered with the Ontario College of Psychotherapists, which upholds standards of practice for the profession. All of our psychotherapists hold a Masters Degree in Counselling, Psychology or Education in Counselling. Our psychotherapists receive 3 hours per week of supervision from senior psychologists on our staff. The psychologist is the Service Provider in these cases and provides diagnosis (where applicable), case conceptualization and treatment plan, as well as modifications to the treatment plan when necessary.

All of our therapists value their relationship with clients.  They are unconditionally accepting of clients, and are warm and empathic in their approach.  Therapists work to teach clients to become their own therapists by learning the basics of Cognitive Therapy and being coached to employ the principles they are taught.  Therapists at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy are active and directive in therapy and are enthusiastic about helping clients reach their goals. 

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is a modern form of psychotherapy. It has become the therapy treatment of choice for a wide variety of problems because it is uniquely based on principles derived from basic science and has undergone numerous rigorous clinical trials to support its effectiveness for a variety of the common problems for which people seek therapy.

Cognitive Therapy is constantly evolving, as new research is published in the areas of cognitive science, neuroscience, and cognitive therapy techniques. Among these “third wave” techniques are Mindfulness, CBT-E, CBT-I & DBT. Under the guidance of Dr. Arthur Blouin and Dr. Jane Blouin, all staff at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy are actively involved in continuing education and professional development. Psychologists & Psychotherapists at the CCT have a high level of expertise in a variety of areas having conducted research in many of the problem areas experienced today.

All therapists are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, either as fully registered Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Psychology Associates or in the process of being registered, currently in Supervised Practice.

Therapists use a very warm, empathic, accepting and collaborative approach with every client.
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