Dr. Maggie McGugan, C. Psych.

Dr. Margaret (Maggie) McGugan completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2015 at the University of Ottawa. Her Ph.D. research focused on what makes adolescent bullying different from other types of aggression. She received the Fredrick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Canadian Institute for Health Research for this work. Prior to attending the University of Ottawa, Dr. McGugan received her B.A. and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University.

During her training, Dr. McGugan received extensive training in assessment and therapy. This training took place at multiple community and hospital settings, including two local school boards (OCDSB, CDSBEO), the Centre for Psychological Services and Research at the University of Ottawa, the Children’s Aid Society, The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (Youth and Anxiety programs), The Ottawa Hospital (Eating Disorder Program), and Collin’s Bay Institution.

Dr. McGugan works with clients to meet a variety of goals using evidence-based practices. Her work draws from the broad cognitive therapy tradition, integrating traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with newer therapeutic approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioural Approaches (DBT).

Some of Dr. McGugan clients are dealing with specific mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dissociative disorders and personality disorders. Others would not meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis, but have a specific issue or stuck point in their lives they would like to work on. This might include harassment/bullying, family relationship concerns, perfectionism or procrastination. Dr. McGugan views her clients as whole people with strengths to be tapped, as well as challenges to overcome. Dr. McGugan is known for her warm and relaxed interpersonal style. Sessions with Dr. McGugan may include humorous moments when appropriate.

Dr. McGugan has lived in Ottawa since 2007. She is married with young children and a black lab. She does her best to follow her own teaching and live a satisfying life. She believes that this feeds back into her work and allows her to be maximally empathetic and effective.

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