Find Your Best Therapist at the CCT

We find the best therapist match for you, based on your clinical goals and an objective assessment of your preferences in therapist characteristics. Our unique matching process has recently led to an average client satisfaction of over 9 out of 10.


Learn About Cognitive Therapy

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We Can Help You With

Mental Health

Our therapists have experience treating Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and numerous related conditions.

Stress in Life

Life stress, whether in the workplace, in the schools, or in the home and with families are commonly addressed.

Thriving & Happiness

Using the latest in Positive Psychology, we work to go beyond alleviating symptoms to helping clients thrive.

Addressing Your Individual Needs

Therapy is individualized. New clients are individually matched to one of 7 therapists with varied expertise. Therapists work collaboratively, as a team, with clients.

Online Assessment

Your Clinical Team

First Session with Your Therapist

Our Team of Professionals

We are comprised of doctors and psychotherapists who will help you in your cognitive therapy journey

Alternative to Medication

Cognitive Therapy has been found to be an effective treatment for a variety of disorders. For depression, Cognitive Therapy has been found to have lower relapse rates than medication alone. Researchers found Cognitive Therapy to be more cost-effective for depression than anti-depressants.